Thursday, May 23, 2013

MISMO the movie

The teaser trailer we made for Mismo, a feature film that I co-wrote and produced. Told in parallel storylines, the story revolves around a faith-doubting Latina who sees visions of her gay brother dying. The film was shot in 44 locations on nights and weekends over a 6-month period. The film features a score by award-winning composer Ed Bogas, as well as a sound track featuring music from Calexico, Sean Hayes and Xavier Toscano, among others.

For full details, visit our website: Mismothemovie.

Mismo Trailer

Our second trailer... after the movie was completed.

The Making of Mismo

Meet the cast and crew of Mismo, with behind-the-scenes commentary.

Mismo Sneak Peek...

Following a private screening of Mismo, viewers gave their take on the film.

Mismo In One Word

Following a private screening, viewers gave their one-word description of the film, Mismo.

Naz-T-Nice / Mismo

So then we thought it would be fun to make a music video...

The Indie Film Dilemma

This was me playing with what was then a new tool ( that converts text to film. I wrote the script and 'directed' the robots.

One Sound

Intimidated by the hip, multi-cultural cafe culture of San Francisco, a frumpy woman is rejuvenated and joins the crowd with the help of Apple Computer.

AT&T Your World Transformed

The short, One Sound, cut to 30-seconds and adapted for AT&T to enter the MOFILM Global Brand Video Contest, for which the film was awarded a prize.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mr. Anthony ~ Natural Beauty is an Oxymoron

A San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking project, made with fellow students as crew. Produced and edited by me.

Chai Wallah

This short video (and the one following of the ladies creating a kolam) is an example of what I do for fun. Shot on a Flip camera.

Bringing in the New Year, South Indian Style

Women create a Kolam to bring in the new year, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, New Year's eve, 2008.

Shot on a Flip camera, I edited what was hours of work down to four minutes.


A San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking student project; a commercial for Egyptian cotton sheets using my surname to play off the luxury company, Frette. Conceived, produced, directed, edited by me, working with a team of fellow student filmmakers.

The Damnedest, Finest Ruins

"Lorraine was the driving force behind the completion of my film, THE DAMNEDEST, FINEST RUINS. She did research, organized and found photographs, commented on all of our choices and decisions, promoted and marketed our film tour of the Mid West. She is beyond charming, extremely efficient, and knowledgeable on everything from web sites to promotion, book keeping, designs and lay outs, film making, and making sense of anything that baffles the lesser minds among us."
~ James Dalessandro

The Damnedest Finest Ruins is the definitive work on the Great 1906 Earthquake and Fire. Written and directed by James Dalessandro (author of the best-selling novel 1906 ), The Damnedest, Finest Ruins paints a riveting portrait of the earthquake and fire that wiped a city of 450,000 people off the face of the earth during three terrible days in April of 1906.

The high-def production, narrated by acclaimed actor Peter Coyote, features the digitally re-mastered music of Enrico Caruso, who performed in Carmen at San Francisco's famed opera house five hours before the disaster struck. The film incorporates never-before-seen still photos, hand-cranked Edison film clips, appearances by historian Gladys Hansen and San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White, and exposes the enormous human folly that led to the burning of 29,000 buildings and more than $400 million dollars in destruction.


A trailer for a hypothetical movie made as a Scary Cow Production, a San Francisco indie film co-op. I created the story, co-wrote the script, and was team leader/producer.