My Scripts

It's Not Always What It Seems
Genre: Dramedy
Logline: A couple at a crossroads. A wife who feels invisible. A self-absrobed husband. A dashing former beau. It's not always what it seems.

Co-written with Donna Bellorado, It's Not Always What It Seems was juried into Squaw Valley Screenwriters' Workshop 2011; given two recommends in the Nicholls Awards 2011; and included in The Top 100 Emerging Screenwriters 2012 as judged by the International Screenwriters' Association.

Yet to be named, a historical documentary on The Life of General James M. Gavin.
This is a commissioned piece of work with the approval of the General's widow, currently in the editing stage.

Genre: Drama
Logline: When a faith-doubting Latina sees visions of her gay brother dying, she unwittingly triggers the stream of events that lead to his demise.

Mismo Characters - Background and Psychological Profiles:

Meet My Wife Richard
Genre: Comedy - First Draft, 60 pages
Logline: When a gypsy grants them three wishes, an American screenwriter and an English dilettante, who loathe each other, are forced to get married when they wake up in each others bodies.

Treatments, co-written with Donna Bellorado:

Romance Intervention
Six MOW Pitches

I'll Call You
Genre: Drama, Romance
Logline: Driven to avenge her sister’s suicide, a devious psychologist sets out to destroy the life of the man who dumped her only to fall in love with him herself.

Heavenly Manna
Genre: Dramedy
Logline: Compelled to help her estranged identical twin escape an abusive marriage, a reclusive writer attempts to bury the hurts of the past only to have them surface in unexpected ways.

A Postcard from Italy
Genre: Drama, Romance
Logline: Devastated by his mother’s sudden death, a despondent workaholic goes in search of the father he never knew, only to find that the trail leads to the home of the woman he loves.

Odd Angry Shot
Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller
Logline: Forced to rethink his life after a botched heist, a recovering addict attempts to amend his ways by running interference between a corrupt police force and a Mexican cartel. CRASH meets TRAINING DAY.

Odd Angry Shot was written in 2003. In 2011 I got this coverage for the script. The reviewer notes that the script needs structural work, which I recognize as true because it was not originally written as a linear story. I was convinced to change it to linear because "that's what Hollywood wants."