Thursday, June 20, 2013


If only I wanted to do an animated film, I’d have all the resources up the wazoo with Pixar in my backyard and friends who are VFX production gurus. But, alas, I want to learn about TV and the industry for that is non-existent in San Francisco. Even when they locate a series in my beautiful Baghdad by the Bay, they only shoot the postcard scenes here. Trauma gave it a good shot but, sadly for our local production crews, the show didn’t take. (Add to my to-do list: watch failures and compare them to successes.)

Last week, in the name of networking, I went to Project Reboot, the second annual open house of production houses aiming to revitalize the film and TV industry in San Francisco. The equipment is here and the crew is here, just no projects to produce. Maybe I should stick with my original idea of creating a show set in San Francisco, where I’ve lived for thirty years and know like the back of my hand. Something to explore when I attend my first “Bay Area Film and TV Connection Meetup.” I also joined the Transmedia Meetup and am going to an event next week on Connecting the Cloud. Hopefully, I’ll learn something and even meet people.

There are a couple of groups of indie filmmakers, the co-op Scary Cow and MMTB (Making Movies Throughout the Bay Area), which are fun if you want to play at making movies, but I more interested in elevating the professionalism. These are good to know, however, if I do indeed choose to produce a pilot.

We also have a local chapter of Women in Film and Media, and maybe one of these days they’ll have an event that doesn’t conflict with something I already have on my calendar. I do subscribe to their Yahoo Group Chic’s Chat to keep in touch, as well as the Yahoo Lo/No Budget Film Group.

None of this, however, feels like it could lead somewhere. The co-writer of my script, It’s Not Always What It Seems, makes more connections through her part-time job in a consignment store. Even when she was in Mexico earlier this year (where I live half the year) she made a connection with Linda Hamilton! (BTW, Linda Hamilton is a very nice lady – says she read our script three times, but, ultimately, it just didn’t tickle her.)

Of course I have the Internet and am corralling my research into two other blogs – Quora and Scoop It. And, the pile of books to read is piling up by the day. How do I find time to read when I’m watching so much TV?!

I did find a TV consultant, (who’s book I bought) and who’s White Paper I downloaded, who offers a free 30 minute consult, so that could be a resource down the road ( I also reached out to my friend Frank whose brother is the Executive Editor of Variety. Frank’s in Paris, so we’ll see what he can hook me up with when he returns.

And, incidentally, two screenplay properties dropped into my lap this week. Can’t talk about them just yet, but I’m editing the novel manuscript and… just maybe that’s what should be the basis of my TV show. It has all the elements… famous people, drugs, rock and roll, family betrayal, backstabbing and heartbreak.

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  1. It seems to me Lorraine that elements of what you need are forming around you. They just need to solidify... Ok, that sounded like a fortune cookie. It's just a good feeling for you that I am having difficulty articulating. Something I think is important is that you seem prepared for an opportunity. That's a key element of success!