Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Foundation of Story

For my research project, I am investigating how writers approach premise in story... if indeed they do! I am asking up to 6 questions - based on one's answer to the first.

Here are the questions:

1. When you are creating a story, do you subscribe to Lajos Egris' theory on premise as he explains it in the Art of Dramatic Writing?

2. Do you believe that the premise apples not just to the protagonist and the main storyline, but also to all the principal characters and subplots as well?

3. Do you believe that the premise must be evident in every scene?

4. Do you begin with a premise before you write; or do you start with a plot and find a premise as you write?

5. If you don't subscribe to Egri's theory, do you subscribe to the theory of any of the following 'gurus'? McKee, Vogler, Hauge, Field, Truby, Seger, et al.

6. If you don't use premise as a guiding tool, what do you use to develop character and story?

To complete the survey, go here.

Writers willing to participate in a five-minute interview can email me at lorraine(dot)flett(at)raindance(dot)co(dot)uk with their phone number and best time to be reached.

Please spread the word!

Thank you.

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